“No Contact” technology inspection for pre-filled Syringes

K15 machine is dedicated to the inspection of pre-filled syringes.

Available in different configurations, it covers a productivity from 200 to 600 pieces per minute and a diameter from a min. of 6,85 mm to a max. of 14,45 mm.

Main Features
  • Container Diameter: Up to 32mm
  • Particles, fill level and cosmetic inspection
  • RPV Remote Parameterization & Validation
  • Manual loading/In-line connection
  • “Fail safe” reject verification system (Optional)
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliance for electronic records (recipes, batches/sub- batches, audit trail)
  • Ethernet connection
  • User friendly interface
  • In-line connection to upstream and downstream equipments.
  • Leak Detection available for liquid products (High Voltage) [A35 LD]
  • Leak Detection available for freeze-dried products (Headspace Gas Analyser)
  • Product colour (Spectrometer)
  • Product opacity (Opacimeter)