Nest processing

With the FlexPro 50, groninger sets a new standard for processing nested and pre-sterilized objects. The state-of-the-art machine concept is designed with proven groninger technology based on our ready engineered philosophy: modularity, flexibility and integration.

The machine series is designed to process nested ready-to-use syringes, vials and cartridges in one line configuration, vials in trays and bulk in stand-alone or combined filling lines.

The FlexPro 50‘s modules include different versions of de-baggers, de-lid/liners, fillers as well as de-nesters and cappers. Line configurations are available with either standardized oRABS or Isolator modules, as well as the integration of small batch freeze dryers. In addition, the nest line offers a manual statistical or automated In-Process-Control (IPC) with up to 100% control, and a speed up to 4,700 vials/h.

Manufacturing specialized machinery equipment for the pharmaceutical industry for more than 35 years, groninger has unified that expertise in a standardized and modular machine concept.