Modular Conveyor

The most common type of conveyors is the belt conveyor systems, have found their rightful place in practically every industry. This system comes with pulleys (two or more) and a closed-loop (the conveyor belt) that rotates around them. One or more pulleys in the system can be powered, moving the belt in the right direction.

Belt systems are made of a wide variety of materials and are used in many different applications, not only in an industrial setting. You can see them at airports, transporting luggage, at restaurants, transporting food, transporting people and more. A belt conveyor can be enclosed to prevent contamination and loss of material, but also be open if it is part of assembly lines. They are a good choice for transporting heavier loads.

Flat belt systems are often the conveyor of choice for industrial environments, wash down areas, and slow assembly lines. Fitted with the right belt, it can also convey small, soft, or irregularly shaped items without damaging them.