M8 – Software Data collection and remote control software


The M8 is a powerful remote control and data acquisition software used with the Maselli in line analyzers. It operates on PC based hardware and can be installed at-line, local to the operator, or in the laboratory. The characteristic touch-screen interface and series of simplified menus make it quick and easy to use: it takes just a few simple steps to begin production, perform calibration or display a real time graph of the collected data which may be extracted to xls for further analysis. The operator has the line trend, performance levels and any problems under control at all times, as data is clear and easy to read as are the process alarm conditions. High performance diagnostic software notifies the operator of any problems. The use of different password levels guarantees traceability of the various operations and minimizes the risk of any unauthorised personnel accessing sensitive data or settings. The software has the capability to connect to external network to share all the data recorded in the line.

  • Able to handle up to 8 analyzers.
  • Intuitive software interface.
  • Data acquisition and statistics.
  • Remote trouble shooting.
  • Capable to connect to user network.
Application Display and control in the laboratory of qualitative parameters on process lines producing sugar-sweetened or diet carbonated soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, non-carbonated soft drinks, beer and mineral waters.
Type of function -Interfacing with IB07, IB08 or Ur29, UR27, UC07, UC08, US01 single Analysis Units. Options for the display, calibration, diagnostics and setup of operating parameters.

-The software may be connected to up 8 analyzers.

  • Operative software created in the Microsoft® Windows® environment with numerical and/or synoptic and/or graphic display panels and button and/or tool bar commands.
  • Possibility to choose one of several languages for display menus and messages.
  • Real time display, complete control and modification of all functions, variables and operating parameters in use in the Soft Drinks Analysis Unit.
  • Possibility to create, modify and import recipes holding all the operating parameters of the instruments connected to the system.
  • Creation and saving of up to 1999 (maximum) combinations of operating parameters, each for a specific product.
  • Storage of data in a Microsoft® Access format databases with the possibility to export data in Excel format for graphic, statistical and qualitative analysis.
  • Tele-assistance or remote control of all functions.Possibility to see, in real time, the instrument’s operating parameters, in a numerical or graph format, for complete remote control and for calculation of the qualitative parameters Ca, Cp and Cpk.
  • Possibility to save, display and print in a database, all the operations performed on the various instruments.
  • Possibility to manage four security levels for user access to operations.
  • Possibility to carry out automatic corrections of the targets and zero values, depending on sugar inversion.
  • Possibility to export and import recipes in text format ASCII (Excel).
  • Possibility to automatically save, on launching a new recipe, a qualitative report of the previous recipe in pdf format.
  • This report can be sent automatically by email to a recipient (the Quality Manager, for example).
  • Possibility for the archive to provide reports which show the data simultaneously in a numerical, graphic and statistical format, as well as quality reports for each day of production.
  • Said reports can be exported in Excel.Possibility, by pressing a single icon, to save all the files containing software configurations and the operations performed by the user in a single zipped file, as well as the archive for the last 5 days.
  • Possibility to check correct operation of the instrument by saving in a database the differences compared to the laboratory values and perform calibration at a later date using this data.