Highest output and large format width (CP1200)

With its 320 mm film width and a draw-off length of 285 mm, the CP1200 blister machine can handle an extremely wide range of formats. Even the largest blisters are suitable for two-track operation. At the same time it protects blisters with its platen sealing system. In combination with the P3200 cartoning machine, the CP1200 can be extended to form a high-output pharma line.


  1. High-performance in the 2-lane and 3-lane segment of the market
  2. A very wide range of formats, thanks to 320 mm film width and a 285 mm draw-off length
  3. Especially suitable for large-format alu-alu blisters and special applications
  4. Platen sealing ensures gentle blister handing
  5. A sealing station which can be validated
  6. Simple tools, no mechanical modifications