High Speed – Vials, Ampoules – Liquid & Lyo

K32S – K32SLD – K32 – 600
Master of Inspections
  • Inspect system: Automatic
  • Container type: Vials, Ampoules & Cartridges
  • Product to be Inspected: Waterlike, Freeze-dried, Suspensions & Oily
  • Speed: 24.000 – 36.000


Container type:

K32S machine is dedicated to high speed inspection of vials, ampoules and cartridges filled with pharmaceutical liquid (including oily solutions and suspensions) and freeze-dried products. Available in multiple configurations, it covers a productivity range from 400 to 600 pieces per minute.

The basic configuration includes three stations dedicated to particulate inspection equipped with high speed cameras. This dynamic technology allows the acquisition of hundreds of high resolution and high sensitivity pictures of each inspected container and grants the availability of a huge amount of statistical information, useful to improve the inspection accuracy and reliability.

K32S uses several different optical principles, which can be combined in a wide set of configurations to suit the specific requirements of each production process. One of these innovative principles consists in the dynamic bottom view of the container through tailored design hollow spindles.

This application is particularly useful to inspect vaccines and suspensions.

Compactness, reliability, elegance of solutions and inspection efficiency place K32S at the real top of inspection machines.

Conceived as the “Master of inspection”, K32S inspection machine in now also available with the integrated High Voltage Leak detection technology : a complete, compact and efficient inspection line.


Master of inspection and leak detection. A compact and integrated inspection line

Conceived as a complete inspection line, K32S LD meets the market highest requirements in terms of inspection of pharmaceutical products.

Particles, cosmetic inspection and leak detection are now available in a compact and integrated solution.

Main features
  • Container Diameter: Up to 32mm
  • Particles, fill level and cosmetic inspection
  • RPV Remote Parameterization & Validation
  • Manual loading/In-line connection
  • “Fail safe” reject verification system (Optional)
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliance for electronic records (recipes, batches/sub- batches, audit trail)
  • Ethernet connection
  • User friendly interface
  • In-line connection to upstream and downstream equipments.
  • Leak Detection available for liquid products (High Voltage)
  • Leak Detection available for freeze-dried products (Headspace Gas Analyser) [K32S – K32S LD]
  • Needle shield inspection with High Voltage
  • Product colour (Spectrometer)
  • Product opacity (Opacimeter)