The Heatpro is Karlville’s electric shrink tunnel solutions, ideal for multiple applications at a reasonable investment value. The system utilizes hot air which is heated and conducted inside the tunnel through two independent temperature zones.

  • Shrinking Solution for Standard Shaped Containers.
  • Shrinking Solution for Water Sensitive Products.
  • Convection, Ambient Air Passes through Heating Elements Directed to Three Levels of Adjustment.
  • No Mechanical Maintenance – Simple Machine Structure.


  • Average Speed: 30-40 bpm/ Depends on Bottle
  • Tunnel Inlet Widths: 140 mm/160 mm/180 mm and 220 mm
  • Effective Shrink Height: 250 mm
  • Available Lenghts: 1600 mm/2200 mm
  • Number of zones: 2/4 with 12/24 Heating Elements Each