FSW Steam Washer is the latest industrial innovation of Fedegari Group addressed to pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries. FSW Industrial Washer innovates the concept and the process of industrial washing thanks to the use of steam in the washing cycle. Fedegari has a several decade-long experience in steam treatments that allowed the company to engineer the FSW in a revolutionary way.

Steam is used both as a cleaning agent and to heat water. It is injected directly in the chamber avoiding the need for further heating elements and resulting in a cleaner in-chamber environment. FSW Industrial Washer can be equipped with a built-in steam generator, excluding the necessity of steam utility connection.

Due to an emollient effect on greasy and sticky dirt, the steam reduces significantly the use of detergents and can be used for chamber and load sanification. During the washing cycle, the injection of clean compressed air filtered by the Pall vent filter 0.22 µm increases the mechanical action of washing/rinsing through the chamber.

The use of steam is an eco-friendly solution since it minimizes the use of detergents as well as energy and water consumption, reducing operational costs and improving washing performances.

Final drying is performed with hot air filtered by Hepa filter H14 injected in chamber, in order to assure the total drying of the machine and of the load.

  • Chamber and hydraulic components made of 316L stainless steel with sanitary finishing.
  • The door is made of glass with the perimeter reinforcement made of 316L stainless steel.
  • Fully modular and customizable internal trolley: it can be designed according to the customer’s load.
  • Internal trolleys are designed to avoid any water stagnation thanks to dedicated draining points.
  • Thema4 process controller ensures a total control on washing performance, therefore a robust reliability during inspection and validation activities.
  • In case of emergency, alarms are audible and visible: an internal LED lamp is operative during the whole cycle and its alarms operates through LED color change.
  • The power of steam: emollient effect and sanification agent
  • Eco-solution: less detergents and less water
  • Customization: totally customizable internal trolley
  • Thema4 pre-validated cycles
  • First class quality materials already field-tested