L sealer with vertical bar movement, combining all the comforts to its simplicity that makes it special. All types of center-folded, polyethylene or polyolefin film (PE & POF) or flat film can be used, with the addition of the external centre folding unit. With the sealing bar that can be pneumatic or motorized (for the electric version), with vertical closure, it creates the package around the product. Goodbye scissors closure! Excellent for packaging various types of products with or without the shrink tunnel (compact version or separate tunnel version). Bar width only 1 cm. Less film on product. Less energy consumption when shrinking.



The L sealer packaging machines are characterised by the L-shaped sealing bar, a single bar that vertically lowers with the same pressure on all the film points (NO SCISSORS SYSTEM). Our machines can all be combined with: infeed conveyor belts, with palettes, pushers, loaders (shutter and rotary), shrink tunnels, outfeed belts or stackers, manufactured by us.

Also available in a “COMBO” version with incorporated tunnel.