Thanks to a wide experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Fedegari has developed a special sterilizer addressed to elastomeric closures treatment. This process equipment can perform washing, rinsing, siliconizing, sterilizing, drying and automatic unloading of stoppers in a sterile area. All these processes are managed by Thermal 4 process controller.

The stopper treatment autoclave uses a basket with a special magnetic coupling, which guarantees more space in the chamber. As for Fedegari washer sterilizer (FOWS) this is a dual-purpose unit: when is not running as a stopper treatment it can be used as a normal moist-heat sterilizer.

  • Stopper washing, siliconizing and sterilizing
  • Porous material sterilization
  • Solids material sterilization
  • Vials sterilization
  • Design& Technical features
  • AISI 316 stainless steel chamber, which can have a circular or square section, according to customer’s or process’ need.
  • Chamber range from 200 to 6800 liters, but loading capacity is fully customizable, according to customer’ need.
  • Chamber internal surface is electro polished and complies with rigorous pharmaceutical standards, with a roughness Ra<0,4μm.
  • 6 load probes per chamber to monitor chamber and product temperature. (3 flexible + 2 fixed + 1 door-chamber gap)
  • One or two doors with vertical or hinged opening systems to cope with available space in the smartest possible way (unloading side comes with semi-automatic door when chute is installed).



Thanks to a special engineering, rotating AISI 316 stainless steel basket guarantees the best performance when running washing, siliconizing and drying cycles. The automatic unloading phase is performed by inverting the rotating way and due to the auto-sterilizing chute, positioned on unloading door.

    • Unloading option
      • Unloading in heat-sealed bags

The autoclave is equipped with an auto-sterilizing chute on the unloading side and with an external trolley for the weighting and heat-sealing of the bags. Operator’s action is limited to putting on the bags on the chute and to switching on the heat-sealing system. Customers can configure the desired bags weight, so that the machine can regulate the amount of the unloaded stoppers.

      • Unloading in stainless steel tanks

The stoppers treatment autoclave is equipped with a rotating auto-sterilizing chute connected with a stainless steel tank, which is sterilized thanks to the direct link with the chamber. The tank is linked to the chamber thanks to a special lifting column, or in alternative with a lifting trolley. Operator’s action is limited to external clamp removal.