This sorter, thanks to its vision system,

sorts defects such as rot spots in many types of product. The machine has two conveyor belts, the first horizontal and the second one sloping. Illuminated by a powerful system, the vision system examines the product on both sides while in-flight exiting the second belt, then defects are removed by a compressed air rejection system.The DUETT can sort a wide variety of products:

  • Fresh olives and in brine (sorting of rot spots and foreign bodies)
  • Diced and sliced apples, pears and peaches (sorting of stones, peel, rot spots and pits)
  • New potatoes, potato slices and sticks (sorting out burns, skin, rot spots)
  • Fresh or frozen vegetables, such as beans or peas (sorting of foreign bodies, rot spots and insects)
  • Sliced or diced vegetables, such as carrots, potatoes, cauliflowers, fresh or dehydrated (sorting of foreign bodies, color variations, insects) – fresh or dehydrated leaf greens such as lettuce, arugula, valerian (sorting of foreign bodies, rot spots, insects and dark mould).

Customers processing various types of products, can adjust the machine’s various settings, very easily done from the operator’s panel in just a few moments. The DUETT comes in two sizes to satisfy various capacities: a 1 meter (DUETT 100) or 1.5 meter (DUETT 150) belt width. The system can have one or more cameras installed, according to the speed, resolution and colors to be examined. All electric components and the control panels are cooled off by an air-conditioned