Measuring free available chlorine levels in water using a colorimeter: Pink bottle shows the trace chlorine in the water. Clear bottle shows there is no chlorine in the water after treatment.

Salient Features

Better than traditional dechlorination methods

  • Replaces carbon filters, SBS and other bio-fouling methods
  • Small footprint solution
  • Clean, safe alternative to chemical methods
  • No special logistics for transport, storage or disposal of chemicals
  • Reduces Free Available-Chlorine (FAC) and Chloramines to undetectable levels.

Saves time and money

  • Protects RO membranes and other carbon-sensitive equipment
  • Reduces the potential for RO membrane bio-fouling

“Two-in-one” solution

  • Provides high-level disinfection at the same time
  • Soft Drink & Juice Industry
  • Mineral Water
  • Dairy
  • Brewery