COMBITEC 100/200/300

The COMBITEC is a compact machine solution, developed with the Scheidegger experience and reliability of its technology. It is a servo motorized machine with an easy and accurate set-up. The unit comes with an infrared electric tunnel and a shrink sleeve applicator, both fully adjustable for accurate and efficient shrinkage.

This new and affordable machine is a tamper applicator, with a rejection system and an infrared shrink tunnel, that allows for a perfect tamper application, ideal for all markets.

*Each project will be customized to client application over standard specification. Required customization at design stage could create limitation on machine capability in terms of speed and product size. For instance, we can design a machine to apply sleeve on 8mm product diameter.


  • Max Speed Tamper Evident*: 100/200/300 bpm
  • Max Speed Full Body*: 100/200/300 CPM
  • Container Diameter*: 10 mm/90 mm
  • Container Height*: TDB
  • Sleeve Cut Length: 20 mm/60 mm
  • Film Thickness: 35 microns and above
  • Material: PVC/PET/OPS/PLA
  • Material Inner Core Diameter: 120 – 254 mm (5″ – 10″)
  • Max Sleeve Roll Diameter: 350 -500 mm
  • Number Unwind Shafts: 1/2


  • Linear single head machine
  • Small conveyor footprint
  • Aluminum or Stainless steel construction
  • High speed lines dedicated
  • Continuous motion Technology
  • Mechanical or Servo Driven controls