Classic applications (CP400)

With the CP400, Mediseal offers a high-output single-track blister machine. Continuous improvements have made this machine a proven product for the pharmaceutical industry. All areas are high-visibility, easy to access and quick to clean. Its consistent GMP concept offers maximum production safety, with an output of up to 400 blisters per minute. In conjunction with the P3200 cartoner, the machines can be assembled into a compact line.
  1. Modular construction for clear layout and demarcation of zones along the line
  2. Servo-motor driven discharges allow precise positioning of blisters before sealing, cutting and perforating
  3. Fast format changes (less than 45 minutes) with central format data management for maximum flexibility
  4. A minimum of format parts
  5. Low maintenance and servicing costs
  6. Direct product transfer to cartoners (with no intermediate stacking units).
  7. A wide range of configuration options, such as base film storage for roll changes without stopping the machine