2 Door Under counter Refrigerator/Freezer 790096/790313


  • IP65 digital control panel allows for temperature and parameter setting as well as to activate defrosting when necessary.
  • Unique airflow design to allow installation against the wall or against other appliances, even on the cooling unit side to maximize the use of kitchen space.
  • Adjustable temperature range from -2 °C to +10 °C to suit meat, fish and dairy storage


  • Forced air circulation for rapid cooling and an even temperature distribution.
  • Refrigerated compartment designed to accommodate GN 1/1 containers.
  • Door frame heater, activated according to external temperature, avoids condensation build-up around the door frame.
  • Completely automatic defrosting and automatic evaporation of defrost water by hot gas.


  • Built-in compressor to suit operating conditions.
  • Mounted on 150 mm adjustable feet.
  • Anti-drip profile on stainless steel worktop edge.
  • Developed and produced in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified factory.
  • Access to all components from the front.
  • Fully extractable cooling unit to facilitate maintenance.
  • Recessed area in the back to facilitate installation.
  • Electronic protection against high voltage peaks.
  • Removable magnetic gasket door with hygienic design.
  • Constructed from the highest quality AISI 304 Stainless steel.
  • High density polyurethane insulation, 60 mm tickness, HCFC free.
  • Rounded internal corners for ease of cleaning.
  • CFC and HCFC free.


  • 2 of 1×1/1GN PVC grid for counters: PNC 880299


  • Lock kit for counters : PNC 880227
  • Kit integrated HACCP for digital refrigerators (IR33): PNC 880252
  • 1×1/1GN PVC grid for counters: PNC 880299
  • Kit of 5 wheels (front with brake) for cabinets and counters: PNC 880301
  • Kit of 2x½ drawers for counters : PNC 880305
  • Kit of 3x⅓ drawers for counters : PNC 880309


  • Supply voltage[790096 (HB2PAC3)]: 220-230 V/1N ph/50 Hz
  • Electrical power max.: 0.35 kW


Key Information:
  • Gross capacity: 265 lt
  • Door hinges External dimensions, Width: 1238 mm
  • Door hinges External dimensions, Height: 840 mm
  • Door hinges External dimensions, Depth: 700 mm
  • External dimensions, Depth with Doors Open: 1100 mm
  • Depth with doors open: 1100 mm


Refrigeration Data:
  • Compressor power: 1/3 hp
  • Refrigerant type: R404A
  • Refrigeration power: 877 W
  • Refrigerant weight: 250 g
  • Operating temperature min.: -2 °C
  • Operating temperature max.: 10 °C