Wrap Around Case Packer


High speed continuous motion and intermittent motion wraparound case packers. With corrugated wraparound packaging, a sheet of cardboard is die-cut and folded. For a traditional RSC the flaps, overlapping each other, are located at the sides, and the case is generally filled from the side. Wraparound packaging machines significantly reduce the amount of corrugate overlaps while still providing a strong case that delivers superb strength for palletizing and distribution. By eliminating redundant overlaps, the wraparound case delivers a huge amount of savings on materials when compared to a traditional RSC.

  • Wraparound case packers deliver the pack versatility to run various configurations including multi-layer formats, all on the same machine with minimal changeover.
  • Create tight distribution cases with less corrugate
  • Save up to 30% on material costs
  • Automatic changeover features simplify the process and decrease downtime
  • High efficiency glue delivery system with zone temperature control and 10L capacity reduces spills and waste
  • Run different sizes, shapes and configurations on the same machine

  • Suitable for High speed production line.