Wet glue labeling


Wet glue labelling from the magazine

Universal cold glue labelling with high-end technology

Versatile equipment machine in rotary design with fixed label magazines. It covers all traditional equipment requirements of containers made from glass and PET. The combination of well-tried technologies such as stainless steel glue roller, rubberised and adjustable glue palettes, divided glue scraper knife with glue-saving fine adjustment of the glue thickness, overlay gearbox for exact label positioning and divided cam system make this labelling machine unique in its performance class.

  • Patented overlay gearbox for optimum adjustment of the label position during the machine run
  • Oil-bath-lubricated wet glue aggregate for maximum labelling accuracy and a long service life
  • Setting to different container diameters by swivelling the aggregate
  • Aggregates that can be mechanically or electro-pneumatically uncoupled
  • Stainless steel glue roller for optimised glue application
  • 3-dimensionally adjustable glue segments for homogeneous glue pattern
  • Divided and precisely adjustable glue knife with over-gluing function
  • CIP cleaning for gripper finger for perfect label transfer
  • Blowing of long labels onto the sponge of the gripper cylinder prevents spiral offset
  • Heated glue pump for optimum glue ­temperature
  • No bottle – no label – no glue – automatic
  • Clip-lock orientation (optional)
  • Aggregates with height adjusting facility (optional)