Water Condensed Chillers


Developed in 1994 for a customer, Illycaffè, that was tired of unreliable and poor chillers. Zudek, at those times, was engaged in maintenance. The challenge was to create a chiller, able to solve every reliability, cost management and sustainability problem.
Thanks to the inverter, flooded evaporator and PLC integrated management,varimatik® is constantly evaluating and adapting to all load requests.
Today we have more than 120 chillers of this kind installed in different countries.

  • Compact size:
    In relation to the supplied power, chiller size is studied in order to supply the most compact and easily maintainable machine; every machine includes electric drive and framework.
  • Easily transportable:
    varimatik® chillers are built to be easily lifted and transported with common means, in Monobloc, ready for ‘‘plug-and-play’’
  • Power saving:
    Being a green-chiller means reducing costs and CO2 emissions
  • Double compressor [ecomatik®]:
    The double compressor ensures stability and safety. It allows to increase chilling power and to optimize performance even at partial load.