Visitron VKR – ES – DN-(H)


Electro-pneumatically controlled, modular constructed valve with double vent tube for filling carbonated beverages, beer and all non-carbonated beverages, juices with or without pulps, dairy drinks in glass bottles or jars. This filler allows fast and individually programmable filling steps for different types of filling. Filling process phases are saved in a CPU, allowing quick switching between different filling media and can heights.

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  • Tube ring or external bowl with CIP-requisite for internal and external cleaning
  • Automatic product filling level determination
  • EMV block fitted directly on a filling module assures exact filling control
  • The absence of pneumatic tubes contributes to higher hygiene standards
  • Separate return gas channel securing beverages to be filled by always using fresh protective gas
  • Type selection (free filling process)
  • Principle selection: counter pressure (sparkling or still wines, carbonated juices)
  • Reduced counter-pressure principle with simultaneous air evacuation that allows filling of high viscosity products
  • Principle selection: still filling (water, juice, tea, wine)
  • Process selection (single- or multi chamber filling)
  • Minimum foaming
  • Hot fill with recirculation system possible