Vertical form fill Sealing Machine

  • Vertical or 45° inclined
  • Compact design with a small floor print
  • Interactive touchscreen, Very easy to adjust and operate – even the format part
  • Can be built into any production line
  • Suited for a wide variety of film roll sizes


  • Up to 1800 bags per hour
  • Interactive, intuitive operating software (available in a language of your choice)
  • Easy-to-operate touch IPC
  • Reliable, low maintenance and cost efficient
  • Compact design with a small floor print
  • Easy access for maintenance and cleaning
  • Robust, completely stainless steel design
  • Continuous supply to film buffer
  • Impulse seal with film cutting blade
  • Integrated film alignment (operated on the touchscreen)


  • With a fixed vertical filling position (SEPP90) or with a filling position of 45°(SEPP45). A version between vertical and each position till 45° is also possible. Any inclined SEPP can always be put vertical to change the format(motor operated).
  • Thermo transfer print
  • Register mark control to indicate the film position
  • film alignment
  • Tape table for film change
  • Trolley with a forklift function (to easily change the film roll and exchange parts)
  • Vibrating module available (to optimize the filling of the bag)
  • Module for gusseted bags