Umbrella Type

MOC : All exposed M.S surface cladded with S.S 304.


  • Ceramic infrared Ray heaters are provided to avoid shredding of materials and to give effective drying
  • Effective Blower and Insulations provided
  • Pneumatic height adjustment up to 400mm for ease in change equipment heights.
  • Brushless blower motor avoids carbon shredding and less maintenance.
  • Heater Bank Diameter – 1000 mm
  • Easy portability: dryer is mounted on PU Castor Wheels.
  • PLC Controlled panel for setting of heaters and blower timing.
  • Hepa filter (3 micron) at the inlet of the blower to ensure quality forced air for drying.
  • Total burning time of heater (Working Hours so to know the life of the heater or the time to change).