Tray Loader and Formers


Tray loaders and formers easily integrates with our shrink wrapping machines to provide extra product support.

  • Tray loading-forming machines are extremely versatile, easy to operate, and highly reliable.
  • Products are stabilized and controlled throughout the entire process.
  • Adjustments for different product and tray sizes are made quickly and easily.
  • Tray forming machines can be integrated with shrink wrapper to provide a turnkey solution for, distribution-ready packaging.
  • Create tightly packed trays for distribution & retail
  • Huge material costs savings compared to RSCs
  • Run multiple product collation configurations
  • Combine with Polypack shrink wrapper for a complete turnkey end-of-line packaging system solution


  • These tray loading machines in both intermittent motion and continuous motion models running at speeds up to 50 trays per minute.