Thermoforming Machines

  • Production: up to 35 cycles/min.
  • The distinctive trait of our THERA 650, is its modular frame. This makes it suitable to any kind of production need, die configuration and speeds: making this machine also a versatile option.
  • Our THERA 650 is equipped with the best Colimatic technology: thanks to its high outputs, it is the perfect solution for high productions and big-sized products.

  • Production: up to 14 cycles/min
  • Our THERA 450 machine’s compact & solid frame, allows its easy placement into reduced areas.
  • It grants high Colimatic technology, at the service of medium production needs.
  • This is the ideal packaging solution for companies requiring professional outputs

  • Production: up to 6 cycles/min.
  • Our THERA250: reduced dimensions with a considerable loading area. Thanks to its high efficiency and competitive price, this model has the best price-to-performance rate.
  • It perfectly suits our customers in need to increase their production.
  • It is available with different packaging technologies in12 different pack die configurations.

  • Production: Up to 6 cycles/min.
  • Compact, efficient and affordable.
  • This is the perfect solution to fit into narrow areas with no reduction in terms of efficiency.
  • It serves company with small production or niche-product exigencies.
  • Available for all packaging technologies: VACUUM, MAP and SKIN.
  • THERA100 is the MOST CONVENIENT solution on the market.