Built on Ability

The T2-C is the first-ever high capacity, high volume tabletop label press capable of delivering precision over long runs. Producing consistent, high-volumes in 24/7 production, the T2-C opens new doors in the label printing industry.


A one-of-a-kind tabletop label printing press that incorporates the features and functionality of a traditional large production press into a footprint small enough to fit into any size print department.

  • Designed for consistent, high-volume 24/7 production.
  • Accurate image placement
  • Tension control
  • Superior print resolution
  • Built-in slitters
  • Reduced total cost of ownership

A perfect combination of ease-of-use, precision, and quality make the T2-C an ideal label printing solution designed to give both owners and users peace of mind.

  • Print with precise image placement on pre-die cut labels, eliminating the need for a secondary finishing process.
  • High-Performance Natura™ food-safe low migration inks allow for use on flexible packaging material.
  • Servo driven dynamic web tension for perfect image placement and edge-to-edge printing.
  • Automatic mid-job maintenance and aerosol extraction system for hands-off, consistent operation, and minimized downtime.