groninger filling machines convince as mall semi-automatic fillers as well as fully automated high-speed machines. They demonstrate high customer value with economical flexibility in the dosing range, maximum output and reliability of functioning along with easy cleaning and sterilization.

Fully automatic filling machines

Fully automatic filling machine for multiple shapes and sizes of containers.

Highlights and options
  • Processing objects with and without puck transport
  • Siemens or Allen-Bradley controls
  • Quick-change system on casters for the complete filling system
  • Filling volume from 1 – 1000 ml
  • Output up to 12,000 units/h
  • complies with all ATEX or NEC regulation

Filling and Closing

As modular systems our filling and closing machines meet a wide range of requirements for filling aqueous, oily or highly viscous liquids at both low and higher temperatures.

Continuously operating filling and closing machines

Fully automatic, continuous linear filling and closing machines

Highlights and options
  • Compact design
  • High flexibility
  • Large processing range
  • Designed for laminar-flow operation
  • Maximum flexibility with the filling system
  • IPC rate up to 11% without loss of output
  • Output up to 48,000 units/h

Filling and closing machines (linear design)

Filling and closing machines to process a wide range of objects with all standard closure components.

Highlights and options
  • Consistent and smooth filling with multiple filling systems available
  • Modular machine design
  • Designed to process even smallest packaging units (e.g. samples)
  • Output up to 18,000 units/h

Filling and closing machines (rotary design)

The filling and closing machines are noted for high flexibility and a wide range of applications.

Highlights and options
  • Filling without air pockets
  • Lid sealing
  • Optional label application
  • Servo controlled calibrated torquing
  • Compact design
  • Output up to 3,600 units/h

Intermittently operating filling and closing machines

Intermittently operating round or linear filling and closing machines

Highlights and options
  • Compact design
  • Good machine accessibility
  • High flexibility
  • In-process control up to 100%
  • Vacuum stoppering
  • CIP system for cleaning the filling system
  • Output up to 7.200 units/h



groninger high-speed closing machines are noted for their universal applications with stable round, flat and formed glass bottles. They operate economically and with low wear. They have a clearly arranged structure, are easily accessible and thus extremely user-friendly.

Closing machine (continuously operating)

Fully automatic high-speed closing machine for round, flat and formed glass bottles to process a wide range of closures.

Highlights and options
  • Gentle processing of bottles and closure components
  • Processing of up to 3 different closure elements simultaneously
  • Tool-less changeover
  • Output up to 24.000 units/h


Closing machine (intermittently operating)

Intermittently operating closing machine to place and torque screw caps, spray-pumps, dispensers and multi-part closures.

Highlights and options
  • Pick-and-torque modules for all types of cosmetic closures
  • Space-saving layout with star wheel transport
  • Implementation of the latest servo and drive technology
  • Output up to 3,600 units/h



We particularly focus on the gentle handling of objects and components that are often highly sensitive. All feeding, sorting and manipulation devices from groninger ensure smooth and safe processing, if necessary with robot assistance.

Sorting systems and feeding units

Handling machines for sorting bulk objects and closures components, optionally with robot technology.

Highlights and options
  • Extremely gentle object handling
  • Various connection options to machines and individual processes
  • Optional implementation of state-of-the-art robot technology of the premium class
  • Output up to 15,000 units/h



Our flexible magazining units are noted for gentle object handling and their flexible usage for single or double tray loading. With a stress-free object transport, compact design and high output they have proven themselves in the field.

Magazining unit

The product range includes intermittent and continuously operating magazining unit and magazining unit with industrial robots

Highlights and options
  • Gentle object handling
  • Few size parts
  • Compact design
  • For single or double magazining
  • stress-free or touch-free transport of the objects
  • Output up to 48,000 units/h