The THERA650 thermoforming line, thanks to a patented system designed by our R&D dept, realizes an aluminum pack with a Tyvec “window” to let ETO gas inlet during sterilization. This is an intelligent evolution of the traditional and costly inner/outer double packaging, which consist in having the suture needle packed with aluminum and furthermore in a second packaging in plastic/paper o Tyvec.

  • After sterilization the 4-neeldes-packs are moved to Blanking machine in order to be automatically sealed and cut into shape with an integral cutting system. The final pack has a “top easy peel” to allow the opening directly on the surgery table without any contamination.
  • This efficient packaging leads to a cost reduction up to 35%.

  • Alu/alu pack
  • 4 sutures with tyvec stripe, pack to be sealed after sterilization
  • ETO sterilization
  • Pack Sealing After Sterilization (Automatic or Manual)
  • Integral cutting with Blanking Machine