Single-Pass Biofilter (SPB) System

The BioFishency SPB system is designed to make highly effective water treatment accessible and appropriate for widespread use in land-based aquaculture. The product’s plug-and-play installation enables a relatively easy upgrade and conversion of existing facilities to Recirculating Aquaculture Systems for improved efficiency, reduced water use, and improved yields.

In BioFishency’s proprietary all-in-one SPB system, the water flows from the top down, filtering particles, removing CO2 and ammonia, and oxygenating the water before being recycled back into the fishpond or tank. The improved water quality from continuous filtering/cleaning/recycling increases the ability of the fish to feed and to grow.

  • Solids removal
  • CO2 removal and Atmospheric O2 enrichment
  • Total Ammonia Nitrogen (TAN) removal, utilizing a proprietary substrate with high nitrification rate
  • pecially designed and coated biomedia (filtering beds) with a huge surface area (3,900m2/m3) that uses trickling filters