Shrink Wrappers


Shrink wrap machines use a flight bar conveyor system that provides a great deal of product versatility for the shrink bundler. Various styled of infeeds and product collation modules are available, including an option for a pad feeder. A wide variety of products can be wrapped in multiple configurations in either clear or printed shrink films, making it an ideal machine for both distribution and retail packaging applications.

  • Affordable printed film shrink wrapper
  • Run light gauge film for increased material savings
  • No vacuum belt and no sealing bar
  • Quick & easy changeovers
  • Stainless Steel
  • Low height, side mounted film
  • High product flexibility
  • Energy efficient shrink tunnel
  • It can run clear, random printed or print registered film.
  • Versatile shrink bundler for both clear and printed film applications
  • Inline shrink wrapper with a simple belt-to-belt product transfer, designed to provide a bulls eye / sleeve wrap to products.
  • These shrink wrappers can be designed to run unsupported, pad supported or tray supported product.
  • Forming head inline shrink wrap machines designed for any length product
  • Continuous motion, high speed, total closure shrink wrappers
  • Intermittent motion pusher machine for total closure shrink wrapping.

  • Speeds up to 60 wraps per minute in single lane and up to 120 per minute in dual lane. We also offer a high speed model that can run at cycle speeds up to 200 packs per minute in dual lane applications.