DIR’s SFM is the first in industry 100% in-line inspection system that provides:

1. Full monitoring of sachet sealing integrity and

2. Content monitoring of fill levels including identifying an empty or incorrectly filled sachet.

The SFM offers a quantum leap from sampling to monitoring every single sachet, enabling issues to be discovered and fixed in real time. The SFM is non-intrusive and does not result in production slowdown

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  • Quality assurance of sachet sealing – 100% inspection
  • Content monitoring of fill levels
  • Stop leaking sachets before they go to market
  • Protect product shelf life, avoid potential contamination
  • Discover and fix potential problems in real time
  • Fast – no slow-down of the packaging line
  • Designed for simplicity – sophisticated technology engineered to minimize human error, easy GUI, simple user interface
  • Non-interfering, non-degrading inspection – integrity analysis is “hands off”, no contact with the sachet
  • ROI – cuts costs inherent in sampling methods, minimizes waste (time, work-backs, materials and labor)
  • Reports enable statistical process control of the sachet sealing process
  • Brand integrity – assurance that brand standards are upheld on the packaging line