Semi – Automatic Powder Filling Machine

SemiAutomatic single head Auger type powder filling machine is Compact Machine.
Automatic machine
Can be built with multiple heads.



The Range includes Single head, Two head, Three head, Four Head & Six head machine solution
with Servo drive as well as clutch break mechanism.

Suitable for all powders and granules

High filling accuracy, due to unique design feature

Various Powder filling range with minimum change parts.

Pneumatic lifting arrangement for bottle to avoid powder wastage.

PLC based controlling operations

Zero spillage

Accurate slippage control with our unique technology.

Requires minimum change parts

All contact parts of S.S. 304 /316


Machine Type Utility Foot Print(mm) Speed
Single Head 2 HP 500(W) x 600 (L) x 1600 (H) 25 BPM
Double Head 3 HP 1000 (W) x 1000 (L) x 2100 (H) 50 BPM
Triple Head 4.5 HP 1200 (W) x 1000 (L) x 2100 (H) 80 BPM
Four Head 5.5 HP 1000 (W) x 1600 (L) x 2100 (H) 90 BPM
Six Head 8.5 HP 1570 (W) x 1600 (L) x 3500 (H) 120 BPM


*These are indicative speeds only. The actual speeds are dependent on variable factors like Flow
Property, Environment conditions and product characteristic.