Semi-Automatic Internal Keg Cleaning & Filling


The MICROMAT is equipped with an elevating platform and includes all electric and pneumatic parts required for its operation. The infeed of empty KEGs and the discharge of cleaned and filled KEGs is done manually. By means of integrated control software and hardware (system S7) the cleaning and filling process is done full automatically. Initiators monitor the positions of several pneumatic cylinders. Liquid detectors control the media flux and re-flux. The base frame is made of welded stainless steel. Pipe-work, valves and all important mechanical elements are also of stainless steel. The machine can be equipped with a conversion unit for different kinds of fitting systems, as well as for slim- and soft-drink-KEGs.


  • Residual Pressure check
  • Counter-flow procedure
  • CIP – cleaning of filling head
  • Mounted tank for caustic / acid[/accordion_item][/accordion]


  • Capacity: 25-35 KEG/h
  • Stations: Station 1: internal cleaningStation 2: rinsing, sterilization and filling