Semi-Automatic Air Jet

Airjet Cleaning Machine is compact and highly efficient machine with elegant look. This multi featured machine meets requirements of clean glas, plastic bottles & Jars and is used for cleaning of individual Bottle/Jar by air jet & vacuum. The bottles are loaded and carried to the cleaning zone via a conveyor, which passes through a series of jets chamber. The dirt and dust from the bottle are collected in the dust collecting bag by the Air jet cleaning machine.

Liner Inverter Base Cleaning, Linear Top Diving Cleaning


Capacity: Can be customized for larger capacities based on requirements

MOC: Structure will be SS 304 and contact parts will be made up of SS 316

System Operation: Semi-Automatic

Application: 4 Nozzle, Max 8 Nozzle

Industry: Food & Beverage, Pharma, Cosmetic, Dairy & Allied Industries

Electrical: Three Phase 440VAC or as per country standards


  1. Filtration system provided to get dry & oil free air for hygienic result.
  2. Sensor/Indicator system for operator understanding. After cleaning the bottle.
  3. No exposed gear or chain drive.
  4. Smooth Plain Surface.
  5. Anti-vibration rubber legs to avoid vibrations & scratch on the floor.
  6. User friendly and very less maintenance required
  7. Need all Inversion blocks for bottle inversion.