Rotary Powder Filling Machine

Output : 180 – 150 BPM for 3 grm to 50 Grms with 24X 8 Rotary Head

(Depending upon the powder properties)

  • The machine works on Vacuum Based Rotary principal for filling of dry syrup powders for high output.
  • All contact parts of SS 316 and non-contact parts of SS304.
  • No Bottle – No Fill mechanism – To avoid spillage /wastage of powder in absence of bottle below the filling head.
  • Air Filter of SS316 housing with Nylon cartridge for proper removal of particle of 0.22 micron.
  • 5 Micron Vacuum filter with nylon cart
  • PLC controlled panel with touch screen for precise setting for filling and recipe storage.

    PLC & HMI (Make Delta HMI ).

  • Polycarbonate covers are provided with SS panel for dust free operations.
  • Batch Recording , integration with MES system.
  • High productivity with low space consumption due to Rotary principal.
  • Weight variation: Less than +/- 2.0% subject to the powder nature, fill weight & speed.
  • Ease of maintenance and changeover due to less parts.
  • Central Clutch for extra safety.
  • No Spillage of powder: Dripping of the powder can be controlled after filling, hence avoiding powder spillage on bottle outer diameter.
  • Bottle Jam sensors and powder level sensor provided for ease of operation.
  • Long Life- Separate Electrical panel to avoid dusting in the electrical panel.
  • Motorized elevating assembly to adjust the height of rotary filling head as per the height of bottle.
  • Ac Variable drive to adjust the speed of the machine.


  • Low Air Pressure Indication.
  • Low Vacuum indication.
  • Infeed / Outfeed no Bottle Indication.
  • No Bottle No Fill Indication.
  • Out Feed Bottle jammed Indication.
  • Empty bottle detection and rejection.
  • Low Powder level alarm.