RAS turnkey fish farm – Volume – 180 m3

Based on SPB Technology

The BioFishency Single Pass Biofilter (SPB) system is designed to make highlyeffective water treatment accessible and appropriate for widespread use in landbased aquaculture.  In BioFishency’s proprietary plug-and-play, all-in-one system, the water flows from the top down, filtering particles, removing CO2 and ammonia, and oxygenating the water before being recycled back into the pond. The improved water quality from ongoing filtering/cleaning and recycling increases the ability of the fish to feed and grow.

The system’s water treatment includes four elements:

  • Mechanical filtration
  • CO2 removal &  Atmospheric O2 enrichment
  • TAN (total ammonia nitrogen) removal with proprietary substrate

Advantages of the system include:

  • Easy to install, low maintenance
  • Can be used with existing infrastructure or new structures
  • Increases sustainability for a variety of aquaculture systems and methods (extensive, intensive, recirculated)
  • Low investment – especially as compared to other products and systems in the market – and short payback period
  • Relatively low-energy consumption
  • Small footprints