Rack-Conveyor Type Dishwasher


Performance and flexibility are what count in the hotel and restaurant sectors, as well as in cost sector catering. This applies to chefs and kitchen personnel – and dishwashers.

The STR single tank rack conveyor dishwasher delivers the power you need at busy times, and saves energy when it’s quiet. From automatic zone activation to variable speed, the STR conveyor system adapts to the quantity of dishes you are washing and provides flexible washing capacity. Yet it takes up only a modest amount of space. Variable setup options allow you to adjust the cleaning process to your exact needs.


  • High-performance washing system
  • Optimum speed
  • Gentle glasswashing
  • Flexible washing
  • Theoretical machine output [racks/h] 100/155
  • General dimensions
  • Machine length [mm] 1300
  • Machine depth [mm] 800
  • Machine height [mm] 1420
  • Passage width for racks [mm] 500
  • Clear entry height, max. [mm] 460
  • Washing zone
  • Pump output [kW] 1.7
  • Tank temperature [°C] 60
  • Rinse zone
  • Circulating pump capacity [kW] 0.2
  • Rinse water consumption per hour* [l/h] 260
  • Boiler temperature for rinsing [°C] 85
  • Drying zone (optional)
  • Heating capacity [kW] 4.0
  • Fan motor [kW] 0.5
  • Connection figures
  • Minimal water inlet temperature [°C] 10
  • Total connected load**
  • with water inlet temperature 51– 60 °C [kW] 24.7
  • Range: Hood Type Dishwasher