Powder Filling Machine

  • Filling machine with fully automated infeed, filling and discharge of boxes
  • Fast and accurate filling up to 2.000kg/h with a filling accuracy up to 40 gram.
  • Very Compact design Suitable for a wide range of box sizes.
  • Big Bags filling – This option will make wet cleaning possible (Optional)


  • Filling up to 2 tons of powder per hour
  • Accurate up to ± 40 grams
  • Vibration engine to optimize accuracy and prevent any powder getting stuck
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Equipped with a remote control for updates and maintenance
  • Option to fill Big Bags
  • Add and adjust recipes for each box size
  • HD operating display to show operating commands
  • Easy to change box sizes
  • Reliable, low maintenance, cost efficient
  • Atex Compliant