Powder Filling Lines

ACE brings to you a Semi-Automatic Powder Filling Machine to meet all your needs.

  • Suitable for all powders and granules.
  • High Filling accuracy, due to unique design features.
  • Microprocessor based controls.
  • Accurate slippage control.
  • Requires minimum change parts.
  • Seperate drive for stirring to minimize load on main drive.
  • Autocycle as well as manual modes available.
  • Sleek sturdy and robust design.
  • Adjustable table height.
  • Wide table design to accomodate number of containers.
  • All contact parts of S.S. 316.
  • Excellent Aesthetics.
  • Optional attachments such as:
    • Synchronised Nitrogen Purging.
    • Horizontal Screw Feeding with level sensing device for non free flowing powders.
    • Batch Loading System.