PET Bottle Filling Lines


We offer Isobaric filling system, electropneumatic controlled, by level, single tube, Isobaric filling system, electropneumatic controlled, by volume, single tube, Gravity filling system, electropneumatic controlled, by level, single tube with recycling in the filling valve & Gravity filling system, mechanical, by level, double tube with separated air return in the filling valve

from 12 to 110 valves that, depending on the type of product to be treated, could fill up to 40.000 bottles/hour. Suitable for filling in PET bottles of Still, carbonated drinks: beer and cider, carbonated soft drinks, carbonated water or Ready to Drink.

  • Versatility, this filling system is suitable for a wide range of product from Water, CSD Beer and RTD.
  • Flexibility, changeover of different product or CO2 contents is done quickly, easily and it is reproducible by working recipes stored on PLC
  • Bottom feeding of the filling tank
  • Quick change over times, Short changeover of different bottle size (only the capping area is necessary). The entire machine is equipped with NECK HANDLING System
  • Hygienic bottling conditions, no dynamic gaskets in contact with product, the valve is sealed by a simple PTFE membrane valves
  • Easy maintenance, the machine is well accessible so that all maintenance and service job can be done easily
  • Product Quality, low oxygen pick up by CO2 rinsing of empty bottle ensures high product quality during the S.L.