Party Kegs


The 5 liter party keg comes with integrated tap, the user-friendly dispensing system allow every beer lover to tap his favorite beer, in his favorite spot, straight from the barrel and enjoy a social gathering. Proven millions of times over, the 5-liter beer keg from HUBER stands for convenient and deposit-free draft beer enjoyment at home.

  • Completely assembled 3 part-keg
  • Body: tinplate steel
  • Prints: multi colour in photographic quality – offset technology
  • Special protective coatings inside and outside
  • Integrated tap with integral tamper proof
  • Pressure resistance
    • – buckling pressure: 4 bar, option available in 5 bar (Without permanent deformation)
    • – Leak proof pressure: 6 bar, option available in 7 bar (Burst pressure of folding and welding seams)

Necessary Accessories:

The filling hole has to be closed with special closures (bungs) which can be pulled-in automatically after filling. HUBER supplies them with integrated ventilation valve. Using an appliance for the closing process would assure proper results. A filling machine or Fill Fix is required to fill the beer in the Keg.