Packaging Lines

Market leaders in the cosmetic industry rely on groninger, as far as the processing of their products is concerned – and with good reason. In close co-operation, customer-oriented machines system are designed, from semi automatic small filling machines, to fully automated processing lines.

An example is the future-oriented CNC-controlled filling machine DFV, this machine has been exclusively developed to dispense cosmetics and chemical products. The equipment is suitable for handling highly viscous materials, as well as materials of low viscosity.

Equipped with hygienic and wear-resistant precision pumps, CIP/SIP suitable, these machine are intended for the aseptic dispensing of :

  • Shampoos, gels and lotions.
  • Creams, pastes and mascara.
  • Deo-Rollers and pump sprays.
  • Perfumes and eau-de-toilettes.
  • Specific fragrance samples.

Dyes and other special forms of cosmetic media.