ORABS is used so that the sterile zone is confined to the smallest possible area requiring sterility,

MOC: 40 X 40 PIPE SS 304 Square structure covered with Glass door.

  • ORABS can be supplied, installed and commissioned on any existing Filling machine.
  • ORABS works as an enclosure for aseptic processes (filling, loading/unloading of freeze dryers, etc.).
  • It can be integrated with filling machine, auto loading and unloading systems etc to provide Class A airflow to guarantee aseptic process.
  • Product protection is achieved by means of a barrier (ORABS enclosure with glove ports) between the operator and the product.
  • Will consists of Rigid wall structure provides complete physical separation of the aseptic processing operation from operators.
  • Glove ports are used to access all the process area needed for intervention with doors closed.
  • Upper cover is with polycarbonate 10 mm.