Milk Powder


Fill and seam milk powder and baby food reliably and economically

Our machines are especially developped for powder products to fill cans economically and reliable with milk powder or baby formula. Thanks to our modified atmosphere technology we can reach below 0.5% O2 inside the can. This fact guaranteees a very long shelf-life of the packed product.


  • Developed especially for powders
    Milk powder is a difficult filling product. It can show different filling properties, depending on formula, fat content, drying method, granulation and density rate. Even the same product’s properties can vary depening on manufacturing conditions. Appropriate Know-How is necessary to engineer machines that are able to fill milk powder cleanly, accurately and efficiently. Swiss Can Machinery filling machines have been especially developed for the different properties of milk powder. They fulfill all expections that you have to a modern filling machine.
  • Automatic optimizing process
    Swiss Can Machinery filling machines have an unique automatic optimizing process in order to adjust to the permanently changing filling conditions – not only in favour of the accuracy, but also for the capacity. After an unique basic adjustment of the requested parameters to the various filling products, the requested filling as per product, weight, tolerance, etc. can be retrieved at any time via HMI. The machine calculates the respective adjustments itself from the parameters and optimises automatically during the current fillings. Changes of the conditions as differences in bulk material (piled weight, flow rate) or in the environment (temperature, air humidity) are recognized automatically and corrected accordingly.
  • Cleanliness and security
    On our filling machines, the filling product is vibrated into the can (if necessary) in order to attain the right free space (between product and lid). To prevent dust developments, dust collection is effectively carried out at the right positions. The filled can is weighted with feed-back control. A can that does not fulfill the parameters is automatically rejected. The memory verifies the accuracy and the weighted quantities easily and the results are saved on a USB-Stick or via Master Control.