The new BE Blister Series makes production a joy. Productive time is significantly increased. Its simple, practical and functional design ensures optimal monitoring and rapid familiarization. In addition, thanks to the modular design concept, delivery times are significantly reduced compared to the times which are usual on the market.

  • The modular construction of the BE Blister Series means that it can be optimally adapted to customers’ individual requirements. And even if these change, retrofits are possible at any time. Thanks to short change-over and cleaning times, numerous formats can also be run through one system.
  • The BE Blister Series offers even more productive time thanks to the significant increase in the availability of the machine. Mediseal achieves shorter change-over times through fewer parts and fewer settings. The welldesigned cleaning concept with rounded corners and reduced dirt traps make for shorter cleaning times.
  • The entire front of BE Blister Series machines opens, for optimal change-overs and cleaning. All the covers open upwards ergonomically, with the pivot point right at the back. When open, neither pillars nor supports obstruct access to the machine.
  • Mediseal has incorporated more than 80 years of experience of blister technology into the latest generation of its blister machines. One hundred percent control of the sealing process and reproducible parameters for format changes ensure consistently high product quality.
  • The BE Blister Series is operated via Mediseal’s own HMI – its interface resembles a smartphone. The control concept is based on selfexplanatory symbols, graphic displays and the use of task-based jobs. These can be adapted for individual customers and guide the operator safely through the respective steps.