Squeezing machine for fruit and vegetable Cold press juice extraction, capacity up to 110 l/h (30 GPM), stainless Steel manufactured AISI 304, two stages:

-Shredder Stage

  • Feeding pipe with integrated pusher, with high press capacity against the shredder blade.
  • Brushless electric motor, for optimal grinding force at any speed.
  • Automatic stop when the feeding pipe is free and emergency stop.
  • Motor cover.
  • Easy cleaning.

-Pressing stage

  • Press driven by hydraulic power unit with food grade oil and hydraulic power of 11 tons.
  • Manufactured in stainless Steel AIS 304.
  • High yield press boards o Filtering bags with three different mesh size.
  • Wide, medium and fine.

-Stainless Steel manufactured.

-Adjustable control panel, IP 67, with touchable screen 4,3” and PLC for control of pressing cycles and shredding speed. Manual operation or semiautomatic operation will be available. Operator will be able to select already programed options on the screen and the machine will adjust the shredder speed and pressing cycles for the selected kind of fruit or vegetable. This way, maximum yield will be obtained. Control panel will allow to control: on-off of shredder and press, shredder speed, press speed, press force, manual operation, semiautomatic programs for hard, medium or hard fruits and vegetables….etc. Stainless steel manufactured.


  • Capacity: up 30 gph (110 l/hour)
  • Dimensions: 735 width x 940 depth x 1.700 height (mm).
  • Shredder power 1 CV (0,75 Kw) 3.000 rpm (variable speed).
  • Hydraulic power unit 2 CV (1,37 Kw).
  • Pressure power: 11 ton
  • Voltage: single phase 220V/50Hz-60Hz
  • 3 Gal juice tank (11,355 liters) with strainer
  • Certificates:
  • (ETL) UL 763 + CSA C22.2 #195
  • CE con CB with IEC/EN 60335-1 & IEC 60335-2-14
  • NSF Certified ST8