Lipstick & Lip balm Filling Line

Lipstick machine CONTACT 190. Reinvent the common standard

Born from a highly innovative technology, the lipstick machine CONTACT 190 is a fully automatic and integrated machine for the processing and the production of lipstick, stylò gloss, stick foundation, concealer and lipbalm.

The new series of lipstick machine CONTACT is distinguished for the ability of solving problems related to temperature, avoiding thermal shocks that are common in traditional systems, and for the versatility which allows the processing of different types of products and


CONTACT 190 PLUS – up to 3.600 pcs/h

CONTACT 190 – from 1.600 to 2.000 pcs/h

CONTACT 110 – from 800 to 1.200 pcs/h

CONTACT 68 – from 600 to 700 pcs/h

CONTACT 50 – from 300 to 500 pcs/h


  • Fully automated operation : Dosing – Cooling – demoulding stick – Cargo containers – Coupling stick / container – Screwing – die heating
  • Volumetric dosing with electronic speed control and processing parameters
  • Diving dosing nozzles with feedback control of the speed
  • Stainless steel frame line with anodized aluminum caps and mirrors made of transparent material
  • A protective cover with magnetic hold closing micro
  • Twinned melting units with control panel, separated from the framework line seat on frame
  • Cooling tunnel divided in 3 zones with different temperatures
  • Touch screen operating panel with multifunction display and possibility of storing 999 recipes work
  • Integrated modem for a better and efficient customer service


  • Extremely easy changeover
  • High flexibility with a wide range of size and shape of the stick
  • Reduced number of items needed for the changeover
  • Reduced energy consumption thanks to energy recovery systems integrated into the heating and cooling tunnel
  • Double melting unit for a quick bulk or processing changeover, even with lipstick with special configurations
  • Touch screen control panel with fully automatic control of the entire process + cameras