Infra Ray Dryers

The technology used in this equipment is unique. It dries of washed access equipment using Infra Rays. This comprises of an overhanging IR lamp in the washroom. Once the equipment like FBD bowl, IPC’s or containers have been washed, they are pushed below the overhanging dryer, and within no time the container is dried off. Small S.S. equipment like the sieves, scoops etc. can be kept on the trolley and brought below the IR dryer to be dried off.

All necessary precautions have been taken to safeguard the operator from the Infra Rays. The dimensions are to be fixed depending on the maximum size of vessels to be dried off.

This Infra Ray Dryer is available in various designs depending upon the type of equipment to be dried.

Types of Infra Ray Dryer’s 

  • Laboratory type – Suitable for Laboratory apparatus small equipment etc.
  • Umbrella Type – Suitable for open mouthed vessels like IPC’s, Bins, FBD Bowls, change parts,small equipment etc.
  • Insertion Type – Suitable for Closed mouth vessels like Cage blender IPC’s, RMG Vessels, etc.

Salient Features

  • Highly Compact.
  • Highly Hygienic.
  • Non Visible Rays.
  • Highly Human Friendly.
  • Low Power Consumption.
  • Quick Drying.

Additional Features

  • Easy Lifting arrangement for the heater tank.
  • Microprocessor based controls enable easy controls.
  • Extra Features Like: – Temperature indication.
    • Line Current Indication.
    • Ease in setting of cycle time.

Optional Features

  • Hepa Filters can be provided for air.
  • Mechanical / Auto Lifting arrangement possible.