Icy Water Chillers


Orogel and Galbani use to produce and work on large amounts of food: Orogel, on vegetables, Galbani on milk and dairy products.
Both these companies use large amounts of icy water to cool products during their processing.
In the past, vegetables and milk were cooled making huge water amounts to flow through huge ice accumulation tubs.
But this system didn’t allow to keep constant temperatures all day long.
Both companies needed to keep a temperature of about 0 degrees and, if possible, to reduce the clutter of big ice accumulation tubs.
We proposed them a plate heat exchanger, ammonia chilled. This machine uses less energy and ensures a constant temperature.
Zudek machines, of small size, were directly introduced into their chiller systems, with the great advantage of avoiding to create new installations.
Today these machines are still working at full rate, the two customers are satisfied and their word of mouth allowed us to get new customers.