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Complete Packaging Lines for Ice Cream

As the market’s leading developer for automatic robotic lines for the ice cream industry, CT Pack boasts the longest tradition and the deepest knowledge of end-of-line applications for the ice cream business.

Today CT Pack is the reference company for medium and high capacity, state of the art equipment.

  • Flow Wrap Machine – Single Lane
    M120 is the new high-speed solution for flow wrapping
    The machine is fully electronically controlled and suitable for any type of feeding technology.
    The M120 has been designed to handle high-speed applications up to 120 meters/minute (cold sealing) of wrapping film. The machine is also available in a hot sealing version.
    Major characteristics of the machine are high performance and a new design allowing an enlarged operator visibility.
  • Flow Wrap Machine – Dual Lane
    M240 is a fully electronic Dual Lane horizontal flow wrapper machine
    The M240 is a DUAL LANE horizontal flow wrapper machine capable of being fed by the widest range of feeding systems.
    Each lane is fully independent, allowing it to divide the product’s flow onto two wrapping legs or to use the second lane as a standby lane. This allows a footprint saving on the packaging line.
    Two of the units can be positioned in mirrored configuration, allowing only one operator to run four wrapping legs.
    Other characteristics of the machine are high performance and a new design allowing for increased operator visibility.

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