Hot Foil Coders

  • On Line Coders For Packaging Machines
  • Large 50 x 30MM Print Area
  • Up To 800 Prints Per Minute
  • Consistently High Print Quality
  • Left And Righthand Versions Available
  • Reliable High Speed Operation
Standard Features
  •  Low foil warning, which can be sent to individual requirements
  • Foil run out warning, allowing foil replacement to be immediate,  ensuring minimum down time. This feature can be connected to the  parent machine.
  • Low temperature warning, which when active disengages the coder.
  • Variable temperature to suit the application can be set quickly and  easily. A thermo couple failure warning will disengage the coder.

With the advancement of hot foil coding over the years, the super compact is capable of printing up to 800ppm, depending on the size of print.