Heavy Duty X-Ray for Cartons

Xpert Heavy Duty X-ray Inspection System for Cartons

Ensure food safety with food x-ray equipment designed for maximum penetration through large, dense products. Thermo Scientific™ Xpert™ Heavy Duty X-ray Inspection Systems are high-power, robust solutions that easily detect a wide range of foreign materials in larger cases, bags and trays. Three x-ray inspection widths are available to optimize performance in your food production environment. They can be optionally upgraded to meet IP69K washdown specifications

Xpert HD systems have the following features:
  • Very high X-ray power (900W – 90 kV/10mA)
  • Optimal performance with easy setup and use
  • A belt width and aperture height to accommodate most large package sizes
  • Robust design to meet stringent washdown procedures
  • Shielding to meet radiation requirements anywhere in the world

  • External chiller for X-ray tube and cabinet cooling
  • High resolution detectors (C400 model only)
  • Integrated or stand-alone rejection systems
  • IP69K compliant system upgrade
  • Customized inspection software
  • Frames for taller line heights